July 10, 2018

F1 Soap Box: Ferrari Crush Mercedes

I finally got to watch the F1 from Silverstone. It was such a great race but I missed out on the suspense of the final few laps because I already knew the results… bummer.

Hamilton was incredible this weekend, he really lifts his game on home turf. His pole lap was amazing, his comeback was amazing… However what does surprise me is how emotional he is in his radio messages.

Vettel did a great job at the start and did almost everything right this weekend. What surprised me is how Bottas defended well all the way up to the point when he didn’t. Why did he leave the door open for Vettel’s final move? I don’t understand that one.

I think that, on balance, Kimi is driving one of his best seasons. Of all the years he deserves a new Ferrari contract, this is one of them, but I reckon we will have a new announcement at Monza with Leclerc donning the red suit for 2019. He deserves it… but so does Kimi.

What’s happened to Ricciardo? My *guess* is that negotiations with Red Bull are not going his way and it’s affecting his on track performance. I always thought he’d signed for Ferrari some years ago, but clearly I was wrong. He probably thought he had more leverage but with all the top seats locked out he actually has no cards left to play with his new RB contract. He will be back once that contract is signed though. For now it’s just a distraction.

Max on the other hand has been a powerhouse and is proving how valuable it is to have a fast driver who needs to be calmed down. In his case he is young enough to change (he says he’s changed nothing but that’s clearly not true), whereas if you look at Grosjean… fast but always in a wall somewhere.

My last words go to McLaren, this management reshuffle is funny to see. What experience does Gil de Ferran have in F1? They have an aero problem yet the restructure hasn’t announced any new head of aero. I feel like the person who should have resigned is Zak Brown, not Boullier.

What did you think?

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